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Welcome to G1!

The Great Commission is the most important mission a Christian can ever embrace. It's a holistic mission encompassing careers, sports, entertainment, relationships, eternity, mental health, science, government, law, and education. Have you said "Yes" to the Great Comission? Will you go, give, serve, teach, and love?

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Our  Story

To edify and build bold, uncompromising believers in Jesus Christ, who are willing to spread the Good News in an increasingly fallen world. The world is in need of a solution and we believe God is the foundation of that solution. 
We stand on the Word that says, “Seek Ye 1st the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all of these things shall be added unto you”(Matthew 6:33).
We strive to execute the Word by putting God 1st  in all we do!! 

The world is converting to one that calls good evil and evil, good.  Though perversion and confusion runs rampant, the Good News must go forward.  Our goal is to uplift believers who are lights that lead others to Christ, despite the opposition that comes with the task. 
Through Our media content, our sports training / leagues, and merchandise, we look to elevate and encourage believers.  

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